Everybody loves drugstore makeup products that absolutely work. But sometimes, opting for a luxury brand is the better alternative.

Every woman, should invest in at least one luxury makeup product in her life, not to waste money, but to treat herself. But searching for luxury makeup brands is not a joke, unlike drugstore brands, you can’t simply go out and purchase one to test one. If anything, one must be a 100% about the product before making the purchase. We’ve listed ten must-have luxury or high-end brands that are worth every buck:

1. Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer, P3749

This primer made waves online when beauty gurus tested out the hyped product for its gold specks and particles. Although many though that the product was a gimmick at first, it actually not only gives an extra bit of natural glow but instantly tightens the face giving anyone a younger look. It’s gives the smoothest veil of layer for a flawless foundation finish.