New York fashion week gathers the best designers in the most exciting event to launch or showcase their latest creations. A true fashionista hops from one designer to another, analyzing how true the designs stay to the designer’s aesthetic, how daring or innovate the new collection is and how fitting it is for the coming season. It is also a great foreshadow of trends to expect the following months. But it’s usually never a miss that some designers come up with what could be considered as some of the most ridiculous clothing article. While we are not one to judge as these unique creations are work of art and is subjective to each person’s view, some of it are just downright unwearable. We’ve gathered our top 10 most jaw-dropping list, and not exactly for the best reasons:

10. This Strappy Number By Chromat. With a matching, nose ring that’s a size of a bangle?

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