Just before the month ends, the country recorded the highest heat index for this year. It reached 52°C, talk about getting toasted–literally! It’s a good decision to wave “Adios!” to everyone, find haven and take a long, overdue, and much needed ‘Vitamin Sea’ in Boracay. (the place has bragging rights since it’s the country’s famous tourist spot especially on the dry season) But what’s a great beach without good food? Say no more! Here are the 10 Restaurants you definitely should try in Boracay.

1. El Centro Bistro

If you’re looking for both a good view and food, El Centro Bistro is at your disposal. The restaurant is just right in-front of the white beach with a peaceful spot on Station 2. They serve pancit canton, fries and crepes which is the restaurant’s specialty.

Address: White Beach Path, Malay, Aklan

El Centro Bistro

Via boracaycompas.com