When everyone is not busy rushing to the beach or taking a plane to Boracay, some are left stuck at home. But summer at home doesn’t need to be boring, in fact one of the best ways to enjoy the hot weather at our humble abode is to throw a backyard barbeque party. Arranging a party involves a tedious amount of preparation, from food to invites. Setting up a floor plan and a visual for the decoration can be quite frustrating when nothing comes to mind. To help out on the décor woes, here are four easy ideas and themes for a backyard barbecue party:

1. Bohemian

A Bohemian theme is all about raw and details with trinkets of details to spruce up the entire look. To achieve the bohemian vibe, try laying out a low-height table which provides an opportunity for guests to sit on carpets comfortably with pillows aside. Ante up the design by setting a couple of teepee huts and twinkle the day by hanging a few fairy or Christmas lights around the fence. Patterned rugs with pastel colors and numerous flowers creates a visually appealing final touch.