It’s so difficult, probably one of the most difficult situations to be in, when you want to be with someone, to be officially their partner, but for some reason can’t. You don’t know how to position yourself, or how to react to seeing him with other girls because you feel that because you aren’t labeled as an official couple, you don’t have the right to complain. Being in an official, labeled and confirmed relationship obviously has its perks and advantages but not everyone understands that having an M.U., a.k.a. not official boyfriend, makes you feel just as in love, excited or kilig. That’s why if the “relationship” ends, it becomes really hard and it puts both people in an awkward position because they want to move on but “there was no relationship to begin with”. But don’t fret, you do have every right to cry it out. Here are five reasons why it’s okay to hurt over a “mutual understanding relationship”:

1. Because You Both Felt Something About Each Other

You both felt something about each other, and you both know it. Even without the title of a boyfriend or a girlfriend, the feeling was mutual. That’s why they call it mutual understanding to begin with. If you both confessed how you feel about each other, or even showed your true feelings to each other, then you have every right to also feel all the pain when the “Relationship” ends, because something WAS there.