One of the biggest dilemmas friends or even couples have is figuring out where to eat, it’s the one pickle that just can’t be figured out. Enter food-parks, not only are they a selection of trendy food choices, it’s also a great spot to hangout with friendsto pass some time. One of the latest food-parks making waves in Metro Manila is Xavierville’s The Yard. It’s currently on its soft-opening and has been open for roughly 2-3 months. The north destination is attracting more and more foodies to take a bite of their vast food options and appreciate the industrially-themed park. But more than The Yard being just the newest food-park, here are five reasons to pay a visit the Xavierville’s cluster of scrumptious delights:

1. It’s Got A Wide Option Of Cuisines

One of the things The Yard made sure would materialize when they set up the food-park is to have a varied selection of cuisines. In fact, the owners prioritized their list of food cuisines before the suggestions of the existing concessionaires. So fear not, whatever your cravings may be, it’s most likely that The Yard can accommodate it. There’s a selection of desserts, steaks, Japanese, beverages and seafood. Plus a cluster of 30 concessionaires is bound to carry a dish you’d fall for.