There is a false notion that any vegetarian meal is not tasty, whether it comes from our childhood troubles of munching down a plate of veggies or simply the false concept that vegetables in general don’t taste good. But as the national food landscape is quickly changing and the Philippines becoming an identifiable home of excellent homemade dishes, you would expect that even the vegetarian cuisine has kicked up a notch. In the metro alone, numerous restaurants are popping up with either a full vegetarian menu or a menu section specially for the vegetarians. We’ve listed five of our favorites to date that you can pay a visit too:

1. Corner Tree Cafe

Address: 150 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City

One of the most known vegetarian restaurants in the metro, Corner Tree Cafe not only provides vegetarian dishes, they house you in a cozy atmosphere too. Perfect for dinner dates, their best-selling item on the menu would be Tofu Walnut Burger, if you want to go Italian, try their Lasagna!