5 Tinted Moisturizers and Sunscreens You Can Bring To The Beach

Everyone hates wearing makeup to the beach, because for obvious reasons, unless it’s waterproof, your work of art will be slipping and sliding off your face. So many go for a very natural, sun-kissed and bronzed look! For the base, instead of caking up on full coverage foundation, why not show your true morena or freckled skin by opting for a lighter coverage? Tinted moisturizers and sunscreens take the cake for your go-to beauty look this summer! Here a list of the top five we recommend:

1. Myra E

One of the most affordable brands in the market, Myra E is not only homegrown, you get a bang for your buck too! Their tinted moisturizer has been around for years and has been a crowd fave of girls who want subtle coverage. Not only does it leave your face moisturized, it gives a light fresh scent.