The LGBT community has been making strides in fighting for their rights the past year, it has become an act that has knitted friends and family together. But even in fashion, the love for LGBT community is more present than ever. International fashion designer, Kaye Morales, showed her LGBT pride by dedicated three bags under her “Identity Collection” to the community. The three bags have the iconic rainbow design which internationally has been identified as the sign of the LGBT community. She calls the bag line, “pride bags”. One of the purses is more simple with the traditional rectangle shaped sling purse, the other is almost alike except for the black piping on the side, while the other is shaped like a rainbow.

Both purses have a funky and fun design with a black chain strap perfect for anyone that’s on the go. Kaye is known for her modern and funky aesthetic when it comes to her fashion items and is a member of the Filipino LGBT community herself. Locally, famous celebs like McCoy, Elisse and KZ Tandingan often strut her creations while she has been making headlines globally too.