Adidas has been rocking athleisure and street-fashion since we could remember, and it’s safe to say that they’re pretty good at it. But recently, Adidas has decided to play a different field. Addressing the problem of thrown out shoes that actually sit in landfills for years, they came out with biodegradable shoes. They call it, the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric which is essentially a shoe made out of a Biosteel material. What makes the fabric special is the fact that it can actually be dissolved in a matter of 36 hours using a special enzyme, so if anyone decides the shoe isn’t wearable anymore, it won’t end up as part of the piles of shoes that pollute and consume landfills.

Although the material is roughly 15% lighter than most shoes created, it’s actually tough. But prepare your wallets because even though reps of Adidas assure that the retail price would still be fair to consumers, it will be higher than the rest of their shoeline. Adidas plans to release the eco-friendly footwear collection by 2018.