Say goodbye to your favorite bodysuits because American Apparel (AA) is closing down. Although the news isn’t all that surprising to everyone, the news isn’t less well-received. While a brand like American Apparel has established itself throughout the years, since the flight of its original founder Dov Charney, the retail giant has been under the weather to say the least. The American brand was ironically purchased by a Canadian company, Gildan Activewear for USD$88 Million, since then the plans for AA was always a question.


Due to change of management and ownership in general, the brand will unfortunately be seeing a brighter tomorrow or revamped stature because Gildan Activewear plans to shut down all of its 110 stores. Its a far cry from their USD$1 Billion worth back in 2007 and a sticky situation of letting go of about 3,000 workers. It’s safe to say, it’s the end of an era for the iconic bodysuits and retro-chic fashion in the U.S.