Throughout the years and endless fashion weeks, designers have come back-and-forth to innovate new designs, textiles and structures of clothing articles that can either be considered trendy or iconic. They invest time, money and effort to create work and collections that are distinguished unique but iconic. It’s a process that isn’t new in an industry of fast-fashion and off-the-rack shopping sprees. But who would’ve guessed that a tribe that stood in the heart of Southern Ethiopia built their own fashion empire, by using natural resources.

072816 Giorgina - Ethiopian Tribe 1

072816 Giorgina - Ethiopian Tribe 3

There’s no presence of sewing kits, glue guns, fabric, sequins or any modern-day acceptable textiles to fashion their clothing articles. But the Ethiopian tribe invested in creativity to produce a haute couture collection. Adorning themselves in fresh flowers, branches, grass, shells and even animal horns. They scattered through pigments and paste from powdered volcanic rocks to paint their bodies and faces. While you would consider their supply scarce, their form of art transcends and breeds a new life of fashion.

072816 Giorgina - Ethiopian Tribe 4

German Artist Hans Silvester captured the tribe in their element, sporting the most flamboyant and intricate of their designs. But he also expresses concern over the fact that the once untouched area of Ethiopia is slowly opening doors for tourism and exploiting tribes that function of pure local resources. But the photographer couldn’t help but dwell in the innovative form of art and fashion that an unvisited tribe in Ethiopia paraded in their own village. We don’t blame him, it was a sight that could’ve jumped out of the front cover of a high-end fashion magazine and still look chic and fashion-forward savvy.

072816 Giorgina - Ethiopian Tribe 2

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