Yes, you’re hurt, you’re weak and you feel worthless.

In this life, you’ll face so much heartbreak. Sad to say, sometimes one failed relationship or loss of a loved-one isn’t enough. But I hope that while you read this, you remember one person; you.

You are worth it, and you will always be worth it.

When you were born in this world, the first thing that went through your parents’ mind is how beautiful you are, never let some guy make you feel any less beautiful. You were fearfully and wonderfully made, crafted nine months in your mom’s belly. That means someone loves you so much that they gave you life.


You are who you are now, not because of him but because of you.

You may feel like you are shattered into a million pieces but you have so much potential in you to be something great. In fact you are already on your way to greatness but that isn’t because of him, it’s because of you and everyone who loves and believes in you. Give your heart to the people that never left, because those are the people who are worth it.

You are brave, you are strong.

You are so brave to pick yourself up, to face each day even if it hurts. You are so strong for trying to move on, for trying to stand on your own. You are not alone, you have friends and family that will guide you and shower you with love. Take in all that love, because it’ll piece you back together.


You are worthy of unconditional love.

Yes you are worthy of true and unconditional love. You are not too ugly, too stubborn, too stupid or too ordinary to receive that love. Because you deserve every inch of the kind of love that will do anything for you, break walls for you and go to lengths to make you smile. And I promise one day you will find it.

It’s going to be okay.

It’s hard to see, it’s even hard to feel, but believe me you will see brighter and better days. You’ll come to the day when you can smile fully, when you can laugh whole-heartedly, when you can brush the pain away. You will come to the day when you won’t have to worry about him or what he thinks of you and what he did, because one day you will realize he isn’t even worth it. It will be okay, there will be happier days and finally the day will come when the pain is gone. It’ll be okay, chin up girl, you’re going to get through this.