You’re lucky, you’re very lucky. And I hope every ounce of yourself knows just how lucky you are.

Even before I could admit it to myself, I knew how in-love I was with him. He was a stubborn and childish guy, but he was still everything that I ever wanted. He may not feel the same way about me, he may not love me the way I love him, but that didn’t make me love him any less. He loves you so much, and every time I recall how fondly he talks of you, it breaks my heart. He always tells me how crazy he is about you, what he would do for you and everything he is willing to give up so you could be his, without realizing that I’m right there beside him, ready to give him the world.

Matagal ko ng tinanggap na hindi magiging kami, kasi hindi niya ako mahal. But I never left his side.

Although I do have something to say to you, I hope you never break his heart. If you think you feel something for him, if you think you are falling for him, please be honest with him. Don’t lead him on, don’t fool around, if you love him then give him your whole heart. Never take a day for granted, use every time you have with him to let him feel just how much you love him. Never forget to cheer him up when he’s sad, and always laugh at his jokes no matter how corny they are. When he doesn’t have money to take you out on a nice date, remember that time is more valuable than fancy dinners. Hug him when he’s disappointed in himself and love him like there’s no tomorrow. Take him on your adventures, because I promise they will more memorable. Take pictures, make memories and hold his hand every chance you get.

But if you don’t love him, if deep in your heart you know that you can never feel the same way he feels for you, then please let him down gently. Try to be a friend, and tell him that it was never your intention to hurt him. Try to still be there as a friend if you can, and if he’ll have you. Appreciate his efforts even if you know the both of you will never be together. Remind him that if you aren’t the girl for him, that there is someone out there who will love him with her whole heart. Please be kind to him, because without knowing it, he has given you his heart.

Remember this, you may not know me, or you may not know how I feel for him, but I hope you you can at least treat the guy I love with respect.

Yes, I am jealous but I don’t hate you, I’m not even mad at you. I just ask that you take care of the one thing that means the most to me; Him. You see dear, when he fell for you, he didn’t just give you his heart. Because just when he thought that he was left with nothing when he gave you your heart, he didn’t realize that all this time, I gave him mine. Ako ang tunay na nawalan. But even if I gave him my everything and he still chose you over me, my love won’t falter, because unconditional love is giving everything to someone, even if you don’t get anything back.

Take care of him please.


*This letter was sent in to as an open letter entry, names have been changed for the sender’s privacy and protection, while certain portions of the letter were edited by our writers for publishing purposes.