You may remember Barbie as the doll that came to life in your imagination, leaving it up to you how she spoke, dressed, looked or behaved. But it looks like even Barbie is hopping on the beauty vlogger craze, because the once lifeless doll is now an animated beauty and makeup vlogger. Barbie just posted her first “makeup tutorial” for halloween on Barbie’s official Facebook page.

In the video, Barbie shares with her viewers how to achieve the “Comic Book Pop Art Makeup”. Just like any real-life Youtuber and beauty vlogger, she demonstrates the steps one by one and even leaves suggestion to achieve the look easier. The video has currently earned almost one million views (as of writing) one Facebook and has been shared over 8,000 times (as of writing). It’s nothing new to see Barbie in 3D, as the brand has been involved in several animated movie productions. But it certainly is a bold move for Barbie to hop on the current craze of the once young girls, now young ladies, that loved the brand.

Watch the full video below to see Barbie’s tutorial: