We’ve seen nail art marbling thriving on Instagram, it can’t be denied that there is something oddly satisfying about watching a blank canvas dipped in a body of marbled water and seeing it transfer. But a new marbling trend is gaining popularity in music festivals; it’s called body marbling. From the term itself, it’s basically making your body look like a marble artwork. But how do they do it?

There’s a super easy three step process to achieve marbly skin!

First, you’ll be asked to dip whichever part of your body you prefer to be marbled into a salt solution. This will make sure that the marble mixture sticks really well. Then, the artist prepares the marbled water with a unique design using paint. After he preps the water, the fun part begins; dipping your hands in!

There are several cool designs that are available in festivals. Check out some of these awesome marble dipping action: (P.S. It can be addicting to watch)

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Check out this holographic version:

After marbling, they’ll wash off the dipped version to remove any excess and quickly dry it. Voila, art on your body. Trippy!

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