Usually when we start browsing through stories and being buried in novels, questions and revelations lies in the plot of the story. A lot of the time, stories are extremely descriptive to lure the reader into the world of the author and the story. But imagine having read the story, first person and having no idea about what the gender of the narrator is and having an unnamed and genderless love interest. Seems strange and tricky? Absolutely not. It became the highlight and one of the selling points of Anne Garreta’s Sphinx.

080516 Giorgina - Sphinx inside

The story revolves around the narrators life and interests which is simply described in the book as “I”, while love interest A*** (yes it was censored as such) is described as slender with sturdy legs and a face resembling that of a cat, go figure on why the title of the book is sphinx. Despite the limitation in giving away too much information about “I” to figure out his or her gender, Anne doesn’t fail to illustrate an image of him or her. Set in the beautiful landscape of Paris and “I” pulls off daily earnings as a DJ. It delves into the night life of Paris and the colorful and sensual occurrences of Paris’ night life. A*** happens to be a dancer in the mix of the plot. But the complete essence of the story describes emotions as well as the highlights and low points of partying in Paris at night.

But beyond the genderless love story, and a great example of showing one doesn’t need a gender to figure out the essence and purity of a love story, Anne gracefully stitches portions of the story into a compelling read. With about 120 pages to flip through, it doesn’t ask for heavy involvement but will definitely seduce the reader to think twice and fall in love without gender.

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