Everybody loves a scoop of ice-cream or a bite of pure chocolate, but desserts nowadays have been more about experiences rather than a sweet treat. Restaurants and pop-up shops have stepped up their game in producing uniquely thought-of desserts. From twists in milkshakes to defying science and making ice and heat work together, here are the top five most unique desserts in Manila that caught our attention:

1. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse The BRRR-GER!

Dessert served with the main course? Yes, please! Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse has been around for a while but caught more attention when they released their new item on the menu, The BRRR-GER! It’s a whopping site, a glass full of chocolate milkshake dripping with generous and a glossy streak of chocolate syrup with a layered, juicy-pattied burger on top and a knife that daggers and pierces through it.