Sorry darling, but if you think walking down the street with a cup of Starbucks hails you as someone with the trendiest drink in town, you’re wrong. There’s a new beverage sweeping the internet and it’s the Frosé. So what in the world is Frosé? It’s basically frozen rosé. It’s composed of rosé wine, vermouth and and puréed strawberries. They stir and freeze it into a consistency similar to a slurpee, but it is nothing like a slurpee. This chic and glamorous drink is usually served in wine glasses topped of with a strawberry. The Bar Primi in New York City is dominating serving the Frosé and admits it rapidly became a crowd favorite.

Question now is, which restaurant or bar will be the first in the country to be serving their own whip of Frosé? Because with this hot climate, we could sure use one. But hey, if you can’t seem to find a restaurant that serves it. It’s a pretty easy drink to make. Why not whip some yourself to cool off? Cheers!

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