Just when you though the “ugly shoe phase” has come to a close, shoutout to clogs and Birkenstock-inspired footwear, another brow-raising shoe trend is hitting street-style fashion. The not-so-new however revamped loafers have been a God-sent for fashionistas, designer brands have even take it under their wings to stylize the classic and super comfy footwear.

It could be Gucci\s fault for stitching rose patches on their loafers and calling ti a day, or simply a fashion industry hype that has loafers roaming around fashion capitals. But from its many iconic designs, the thin soles and open-back design is the most-loved. Look for one with a mini buckle to add a touch of designer-inspired detail.

But if you have no clue how to pull-off the grandma-esque trend, try squeezing yourself into a pair of ripped denim shorts, aprtnered with a crisp white button-down.

However, if you’re thinking of a smarter ensemble, try a trusty pair of structured pants and a plain white tee.

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PHOTO CREDIT: instagram.com/linzishoes and instagram.com/thosedreamshoes