We’ve heard just about every method there is to achieve full and “on-fleek” brows; from brow extensions to tinted brows. But 2017 spurred a new craze that’s driven all brow-prepping addicts to the salons. Microblading, as they call it, is a form of tattoo to help those with naturally then and sparse brows. But don’t be frazzled by the term “tattoo”, it isn’t a lifetime commitment but it is a process where the pigment is implanted under the skin using a non-machinated tool.


Unlike brow extensions, this doesn’t involve synthetic hair, microblading means have fake but real-like hairs drawn on the brows. Giving the illusion of more hair-strands on the brow and giving it an overall fuller look.

Pain Threshold

If you’re iffy about the “blading” portion of microblading, it isn’t unbearable. Many beauty junkies consider the pain scale as a constant scratch on the brows rather than a piercing deep pain.


Maintaining the brow look is a little high-maintenance, brow experts advise not to sweat too much or avoid washing the brow area as the “drawing” will wash off faster. So microblading may be a big no-no to workout enthusiasts.