Being heart-broken is not only painful, it can be draining and tiring. But the hardest part about being heart-broken is not knowing where to begin to move on. Moving on is different for everyone, some take more time while others are just ready to get on their feet. But for those who do want to manage to get out of the bed and move on, here’s a useful one week guide to help your broken heart heal.

Taking the experience by day and investing time and effort on yourself is one of the most useful tools to be able to move on, while the pain is inevitable and there will be moments where you recall memories with your ex, there will also be memorable personal moments where you realize you are much better off.

Day 1

The day after the break up is probably one of the hardest. The pain is still fresh and you can’t help but replay what just happened. Completely ignoring that feeling may just lead to denial and forceful healing that may just boil down to a breakdown in the end. This is the time where it’s okay to cry and mourn over the relationship. Because let’s be real, it hurts and it sucks and you need to cry it off.

Suggested activity: If you can, take a day off from work and slip into your pajamas. It’s important to be in your zone of comfort because you may feel vulnerable. Try to keep at arm’s length any snack that cheers you up, whether that’s chocolates, chips or popcorn. Grab 10 Cadbury bars if you have to, nobody will judge you. Spoil yourself and cheat on your diet just for the day! Pop on DVD or watch chick flicks that can turn the waterworks for you. It’s important to detox from the emotions by crying it all out. Why not watch 500 Days of Summer or P.S. I Love You?