Just about everyone gets jitters when meeting their boyfriend’s parents for the first time. They can be a little bit more critical because you’re at the age where generally you are expected to have reached a career or even personal achievement. The pressure of being the ideal woman for their son just piles a ton of unnecessary worries. But don’t fret about always being prim and proper, a woman who is seemingly too perfect seems doubtful. Nobody is perfect but it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth being accepted into a boyfriend’s family. The fact that your boyfriend is ready to introduce you to his family shows how confident he is about you and how serious the relationship already is. So to ease the tension and lend a few useful pointers, here are five things to keep in mind in order to make the best first impression to your boyfriend’s parents.

1. Make An Effort To Get To Know The Family

Your boyfriend’s family is obviously important to him, so take the time to sincerely know his family. Nobody will expect you to memorize everyone’s names in one go but they would absolutely appreciate it if you tried to know who they are. Have a chat with his mom or laugh at the jokes his dad cracks, if you have something in common with his siblings, why not have a conversation about it? Having a initiative to talk to the members is a great first impression, it shows it is not to yourself and that you’re making an effort.

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