One of the biggest challenges a fashion lover encounters is containing all the clothes and shoes in the wardrobe. The occasional shopping spree becomes a lifestyle and habit causing a jacket to be laid around the chair or jewelry scattered on the office desk. Luckily good taste in fashion can make good taste in home décor elements. Fashion items are actually beautiful enough to be put up on display (when they’re not in use of course). If they’re good enough to be worn, they should be good enough to be hung on a wall or sitting on the shelf. Here are 8 easy hacks on how to use fashion items as decorative pieces at home:

1. Great packaging means good décor elements

The vanity is one of the trickiest parts to decorate at home. It can either consume clutter or be arranged neatly that’ll make every makeup lover drool. Products with good packaging can actually stand on its own as decorative pieces. Similar designs or even a collection of makeup or skincare products look best when grouped together. Placing on a tray and sprucing the corner with a vase of flowers instantly brings out an instagrammable appeal to the corner.