Baguio’s cold weather is a popular destination for tourists who want a whiff of breezy air while aimlessly taking photos in front of their popular pine trees. But lately, Baguio has also been a hub of food travelers who want to give unique and different dishes a go. Lolita Bistro Cafe is no exception, inspired by Japanese cartoons, the cute nook has the metropolitan crowd driving up to Baguio.

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A post shared by Haze Villanueva (@17h_) on

Not only will you be welcomed by an army of tiny to grand cartoon stuffed toys, but a relaxing area with pops of pastel hues too. The ceiling is decked with floral lanterns and colorful fabric. With a mountain of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma dolls, any Japanese cartoon fanatic is bound to fall in-love. You can kick of your sneakers two and enjoy a casual bonding session with friends with their lowered tables. But just in case the soft pillows and cuddle-buddy toys aren’t enough, the whole place is carpeted for comfortable seating.

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Their menu isn’t any lack of creativity and Instagram-worthy material too, you have a wide selection of pastas and even Hello Kitty waffles to grub on! Their chocolate beverages also scream a good cup of joe on a chilly day. And can we talk about their corner dedicated to their life-size Baymax stuffed toy? The lounge chair is a haven for nap seekers, but make sure not to snooze off.

The cafe is a shower of colorful fun and kid-like imagination rolled into the corners of four walls!