We all know that the Kardashians are queens when it comes to setting trends in make-up, fashion and anything that girls adore really. But if you think that they’ve set all the trends imaginable, think again.

Kim’s latest fad is having her nails pierced. Yes, you heard it right. Kim snapchatted her pierced nails and people are finding it cringe-worthy.

Apparently, the nails were acrylics. So the possible piercing pain of getting your nails “pierced” is a far cry. But there’s no doubt people will still go gaga over Kim K’s newest fashion statement.

We wonder though, how does a girl go the the bathroom with jewelry on her nails? Seems like it isn’t too big of a problem that most Instagram girls have to worry about because the trend is all over social media.


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Well, if all else fails for nail-bitters, this trick, or fashion statement, just might work.