Let’s admit it, most of the world has a love-hate relationship with the Kardashians and now the Jenners. While most people aren’t a fan of Kylie’s unnatural lips and even accuses the young star of full-on plastic surgery, the eastern side of the hemisphere has a different opinion. Megan Bowen is an American that currently resides in Korea, she has a Youtube channel entitled ChoNunMigookSaram with about 400,000 subscribers (as of writing). The popular Youtuber made a series wherein she gathered her Korean friends to rate their favorite Hollywood celebrities based on their looks.

The experiment included celebrities Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vergara and Kylie Jenner. Megan interviewed four men and two women and asked for their personal opinions when it comes to the looks of the Hollywood celebrities.

071816 Giorgina - Kylie Jenner Koreans

Most of the interviewees found Beyonce beautiful and liked her body shape, there were quite a few who said that personally they do not prefer wide hips, which makes sense as a slender and petite figure is the norm in Korea. Jennifer Lawrence for most interviewees is also pretty but felt that it was her friendly aura that was attractive and not necessarily her physical features. Taylor Swift garnered a different set of opinions, because Taylor has quite sharp features like a heavily arched eyebrow, most Koreans found it a little extreme or angry. Most beauty trends in Korea opt for softer, doll-like and mellow physical features, which makes sense as to why they found certain features of Taylor harsh via personal opinion. Kylie Jenner for the interviewees is very pretty, they found that she had a healthy glow about her and loved that she had dark hair and colored eyes. Most of the interviewees on the other hand were impressed with Sofia Vergara’s body, she sure passes as a cover girl. Anne Hathaway also gained a lot of love especially for her fair complexion, unfortunately not a lot personally preferred her body type.

When all of the interviewees were asked who their favorite Hollywood celebrity is based on looks, majority answered Kylie Jenner! A lot found her features natural, contradictory to what western netizens claim of the young Jenner. Watch the fun and interesting video experiment below for full details: