This year’s Miss Universe was definitely one for the books, from Miss New Zealand’s Single Ladies mini dance-off to Queen P handing over Steve Harvey’s glasses during the announcement of the winners. But Miss Bulgaria has been making buzz online for probably being the first Miss Universe candidate who is giving away her formal gown for free. That’s right, free.

A photo posted by Violina Ancheva (@viviven) on

Violina Ancheva explained that she wanted to give away her gown to a Pinay fan who will be attending her prom soon and can’t afford to buy one of her own. The two-piece deep blue Sherrie Hill gown is filled with sequined details, perfect for girls who want to show a bit of skin without going over-board.

In a span of less than an hour, her Facebook page drew so much attention. The post currently has 20,000 shares and 80,000 likes (as of writing). Violina earned numerous praises for her generosity and thoughtfulness. Leave a comment on her photo making sure to explain why you feel like you deserve the gown but hurry up, because the Miss Universe candidate is leaving soon!