Some time ago, we walked down memory lane and backtracked some of the most memorable Filipino commercial’s where we included McDonald’s “Karen Po” and Purfoods Tender Juicy’s Goodbye Carlo in one of our articles, this time we add on to the list of throwback commercials. Commercials mainly serve one purpose; to sell their brand. However the way they choose to deliver their brand is solely up to them and the brilliant minds of advertising. But it isn’t fresh news that some commercials have either tugged our heartstrings or simply made a wave and trend in the national pop culture. But aside from the advertising geniuses toasting to their advert success, there are certain commercials worth celebrating and looking back on simply because they were part of our childhoods. Here are our top ten ultimate Filipino throwback commercials:

1. Nikki Gil For Coca-Cola Philippines

Almost ten years ago, Nikki Gil became the face and voice of Coca-Cola when she sang her way into our hearts. Walking along a typical Filipino neighborhood with a body bag slung across her full of Coca-Cola bottles. As she sang “Sana” while distributing the bottles to random people she comes across the streets, the simplicity of the concept including the calming tone of Nikki’s voice may be the reason that not only boosted her career as an actress but deemed the Coca-Cola as one of the most unforgettable to this day.