Philippine Star’s Modern Living TV is running on its fifth season, and for their sixth episode they tackle two kinds of concerns: pests and new mommy worries. Hosted by Bianca Gonzales and Stephanie Zubiri, they show how to defeat termites by innovating the home’s design. Featuring a homeowner of a previously termite-infested townhouse, MLTV shows real life experiences of equipping interior design to solve pest-termite woes. MLTV previews impressive and intelligent design for aesthetic and functional usage.

mltv 3

Bianca Gonzales on the other hand, seeks for new mommy advice by consulting with Pinay Doulas Collective. They discuss the importance of breast feeding and child rearing and help viewers see its value.


Catch Philippine Star’s Modern Living TV every Saturday from March 5 to May 28 at 10:30am, on ANC. Replays are available Sundays at 6pm.