Los Angeles – A 27 year old singer Rihanna is rumored that she is taking rapper Travis Scott to the Caribbean to introduce him to her family including her mother Monica Braithwaite just like what she did a month ago to her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.

Neither Rihianna nor Travis has not yet to confirm about their relationship, many followers of them are claiming that they are very serious with each other.

“But the ultimate test for Travis will be meeting the tough-talking matriarch of the family, her mom Monica Braithwaite, who is fiercely protective over her daughter.”

Travis Scott is also the co-writer of Rihanna’s song “Bitch Better Have My Money” has already been introduced to the inner circle of friends od the 27 year old beauty.

Travis and Rihanna were first spotted together in New York last month. They were seen attending the New York Fashion Week together and were even kissing about at one party. They were also seen heading back to the same hotel.