Sandara Park has been around the entertainment and music industry for more than a decade, from her humble days in Star Circle Quest to her rise as a K-Pop star in the famous girl-band 2NE1. But another aspect of Sandara that fans adore is her unique sense of quirky style, it may be the very reason that flew her to sit beside Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding during the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week.

Now the internationally-famous celebrity has been feature on The fashion magazine celebrates Sandara’s gutsy take on well-loved fashion brands such as Vetemens and Saint Laurent. They even chose 12 outfits of Sandara that debuted the versatility of her style and fashion sense. Breaking down her bold-colored hair and her brilliant mix of hoodies and boots. Even in the midst of 2NE1’s breakup, Vogue predicts more trendsetting looks from the celebrity. It seems that Sandara has more tricks up her sleeve when it comes to her feature-worthy style and undeniable talent.

Check out some of the looks Vogue featured:

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