Jennifer Aniston first made a mark on people’s TVs and hearts when she started out as Rachel in the hit TV series, Friends. It was her bubbly personality, positive aura and girl-next-door ambience that made everyone wish she was the friend they had. But aside her inner beauty, there was no denying that Jennifer was and is a bombshell. People magazine couldn’t agree more as they named her The Most Beautiful Woman of 2016. But when it comes to beauty and taking care of herself, Jennifer shares that she started truly looking after herself and watching her diet when she was rejected for a role because she was told to be “too chubby”. The 47-year-old star simply laughs the issue off now as she admits she had a horrid diet before.

These days Jennifer works out six times a week, dedicating an hour per day partnered with regular exercise. Her occasional indulgences includes husband, Jason Theroux’s carbonara pasta. Despite her maintaining a specific look of honey-highlighted and middle-parted hair, nobody seems to be getting tired of Jennifer’s beauty anytime soon.

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