The dot eyeliner trend is slowly making its way to Instagram feeds, celebrities’ lids and maybe soon, your lids too.

Back in 2012, Pat McGrath, one of the most influential make-up artists in the beauty industry did a single cornflower-blue dot in the middle of the lower lash lines of models walking in an Anna Sui show. Pat didn’t foresee that some time later, his minimalist touch would become a well-loved trend.

Today, celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Zoe Kravitz are starting to relive the dot-under-your-lashes craze again.

Adding to the list of avid eyeliner-dot doers are Katie Jane Hughes, a professional make-up artist who has a signature look on Instagram because of her close-up selfies that features the mastery of doing the fashionable dots. Another famed make-up artist would be Dominique D’Angelo who is also a professional make-up artist with 244,000 followers on Instagram.

But there’s more to it than simply leaving a dot on your face, here are make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes’ tips to make the trend work:

1. Take The Blue Waterline Among Celebrities

Katie emphasized that the liner trend is an adventurous trend since it’s a creative mix of make-up and dots. She added that details on the lower lash lines could attract more attention to the eyes.