Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year are coming up, for a lot of singles, it’s the worst time of the year not to have a cuddle-buddy by their side. It’s probably why Agassi Ching and Edward Gerald Reynoso thought of jokingly offering themselves as “boyfriends-for-rent”. The hilarious posts went viral online, with of course single ladies squealing over the two cuties.

On Facebook, Agassi Ching’s post earned a whopping 13,000 shares and 62,800 likes (as of writing). On his post, the chinito cutie lists his “rate card” for the his hourly rental. From P100 an hour to P600 for a whole day. He even boasts his credentials of being 20 years old with visible abs. He continues on about things he can and cannot do, like defending any girl from flying cockroaches (bummer). But of course, the whole post was just a fun joke to greet the public a Happy Chinese New Year.

But if there’s a chinito cutie, there’s also a moreno boy-next-door, Edward Gerald Reynoso, a Far Eastern University student, also made his own version of his “boyfriend-for-rent” placard. His hilarious faux rate sheet is quite different as he lists down the “packages” and the varied prices. He jokingly describes different personas as well such as “Pormahang What Tzi Lei” or “Gwapong gwapo sa sarili” whom he can embody. His post has earned roughly 45,500 shares and 126,000 likes on Facebook (as of writing).

Although these boyfriends-for-rent aren’t the real deal, a girl can dream of having cuties like them as a boyfriend. For now, singles might really have to take a solo-flight for Chinese New Year and Valentines.