One hair salon service most women pay for is hair dye. More now, since there are various ways to color one’s crowning glory, from going full spectrum, to highlights, ombré and even dying it rainbow.

But these salon procedures, though great are undeniably pricey. But, a woman’s gotta have her way right? Which made this post from Ivy Zyrelle Roque go viral with almost 29,000 likes/reactions and shares. The Facebook post made our cheap alternatives happen with Ivy explaining an option to have temporary hair dye with a P14 (or even less) using crepe paper!

Before the step-by-step procedure Roque disclaimed that the crepe dye is not permanent and will stay for 2-4 days best. Based on how one will take care of the dyed hair. Also she warned that it will not work on black hair as it’s only effective on heads with blonde or bleached dye. Roque too advised to best use conditioner after crepe dying it. Lastly, the she assured that the DIY will also work on those who had their hair rebonded for a year now.

Here’s the full length instruction based on Roque’s post, read on!

What you will need:
-old t-shirt
-Crepe papers (in the color you’d like)
-hair brush
-rubber band/metallic foil
-rubber gloves
-conditioner (for washing afterwards)

1. Cut the crepe paper into strips and pour hot water on the container with the crepe paper. Brush hair. You can either section it or just dip the strands in the container with the soaked crepe paper.