Relationships, they can be so complicated. Even getting your crush to feel the same way as you is already a workout. But adorable couple David Joshua Duque and Yoshiharu Trinidad may have found the perfect formula to get a crush to like you back. (At least from their experience) The couple recently graduated from Technological Institute of the Philippines in Quezon City, and it seems that from DJ’s post, the feeling wasn’t initially mutual. He had to work his way to get a yes from his girlfriend, and because it’s graduation season, DJ posted a photo of himself with his girlfriend wearing their togas, with it he shared how he managed to get his long-time crush to be his girlfriend. His sweet post reached 14,162 shares and 56,000 likes (as of writing). Check out the adorable and hilarious post DJ shared on his Facebook account:

1. “Stalking” Is Key

According to DJ, knowing basics about your crush is key. “alamin mo basic info niya, mga madalas niyang gawin (makikita mo naman yan sa post niya), higit sa lahat kung anong oras siya madalas nag oonline”, he says. Looks like messenger will be your new go-to app girls!