Ateneo volleyball star, Rex Intal is adding to the list of men who make girls believe that endless efforts are possible.

On his Facebook post last night, Rex uploaded an album entitled “How I got the YES <3", a series of photos and videos on how he planned a dinner for his special girl, Ciacia Mendoza. At first, as seen on the screenshots of their messages, he acted cold towards Ciacia so she would feel that there is something wrong but kept on denying that there is when she kept on asking. What this lucky girl didn't know is that there's a special dinner prepared by Rex few months ago at Venice Grand Canal Mall. He chose the said mall to give Ciacia an Italian vibes because she grew up there and always says that she misses the place a lot. But aside from the misleading texts to ultimately create a big surprise, Rex designed a 70-page magazine that contained their memories, interviews with their close friends and relatives and their remarkable dates. Fortunately, Rex's sweet and grand gesture earned a "yes" from Ciacia, who he can now officially call his girlfriend. To know more about the champion effort of Rex Intal, here are the photos:

click the album for the correct order of photos 🙂

Posted by Rex Intal on Sunday, March 12, 2017