Just about everyone is turning into a wanderlust these days, because traveling is easier to attain, especially with backpacking hacks. In the hype of this costly hobby, different kind of travelers have been popping up. The solo traveler, the barkada, the soul-searcher, the couple, the blogger and this list continues. But imagine going on a trip with the cutest driver to bring you around, doesn’t that make your travel an instant adventure?


Meet Xavier Cimafranca, if he’s not busy modelling for events, he’s taking up a sideline of a personal driver for long trips. Along with his Mitsubishi Mirage, you can actually hire Xavier as your driver. Rates depend on your destination too. This mestizo cutie posts on a travel group, “Bes, Pwede ba ako na ang magdala, mag antay at mag uwi sa inyo ng mga kaibigan mo sa mga adventures niyo? Affordable po ang rate(s) ko kahit saang bundok, dagat, ilog, talon pa man ang lakad niyo!” His post quickly gained popularity as many started reacting. But if you’re planning to rent him as your driver, better act fast because we’re pretty sure his schedule is booked for a round trip this holiday season.



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