Just about every kid who watched the Disney channel during the early 2000s knew the show That’s So Raven very well. The optimistic beauty that had a gift of visions that helped her and her bestfriends Eddie and Chelsea solve problems, and sometimes causes them to get into them. So it was a sad day when the final episode of the well-loved series ended in 2007. But just recently, Raven-Symone who plays Raven Baxter announced on The View that That’s So Raven is going to have a spin-off. Raven was ecstatic as she explained why she has been frequently absent on The View, wherein she co-hosts along a panel of ladies such as Whoopi Goldberg.

In her explanation, Raven goes into details by sharing that she has been closely with Disney as the executive producer of the show. She spills details about the more matured Raven in the part two, sharing that Raven will be a single mom of two. One boy and one girl, she discovers that her daughter also experiences visions. As for further details such as casting, when asked if Anneliese Van Der Pol and Orlando Brown will still be part of the spin-off, Raven simply answers, “I’m not in-charge of casting”. We hope though that the trio is complete on the part two, or at least make cameos. As for the rest of the early 2000s Disney kids, a That’s So Raven spin-off is heaven to our ears.

Watch the full video below to see Raven’s announcement: