Ah, fashion week. It’s beautiful, it’s chaotic and everything in between. While many think that fashion week is simply a runway full of models in unusual designs, true fashionistas know that the backstage drama and front row murmurs bring the stress to the event. Fashion designers, editors and personalities aside, fashion bloggers are one to know the realities behind being on top of your game during fashion week. No, it’s not a day filled with OOTDs and casual strolls to the event. Most times it’s rushed stress and last-minute touch ups. And who better to illustrate New York Fashion Week than well-renowned fashion blogger, Chriselle Lim. In on of her Youtube videos posted in the early months of 2016, Chriselle shows what it’s really like being a blogger in the fast-paced industry of fashion and fashion week. Here are some of her key takeaways from a day in the life of a blogger in fashion week:

1. Sometimes, Beauty Is Pain

090916 Giorgina - Blogger 1

Ever heard the term tiis-ganda? The statement is absolutely true during fashion week. A blogger needs to document everything, including their outfits during fashion week, and sometimes the trendiest outfit doesn’t bode well with the weather or the trendiest heel isn’t the most comfortable. Sadly fashion week is more about dressing your best during the shows rather than being comfortable. For Chriselle, it meant standing out in the freezing cold to take the perfect shot for her blog.