You’d think that the only treat you’d get when you reach the peak of a mountain is the breathtaking view, but apparently in mountain Maybona, there’s an eye-candy tour guide that’ll make the hike a whole lot easier. While he hasn’t been famed online as much as Carrot Man, he definitely is getting attention from hikers, especially the ladies! The guide who is apparently named Glenn Devilla seems to always be up for a photo opt, his official cute trademark? The dimples of course! Seems like city girls might start being one with nature!

060616 Giorgina - Tour Guide 1

Hiker April Casida shares her experience online:

And we have just met this handsome tourist guide of Mt. Maynoba. And look at those dimples. Nakakaalis ng pagod! Hahaha. The entire hike was just so awesome. The sea of clouds is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Plus the refreshing and cool waterfalls. And of course, this cutie just made our trip extra special. Right Nowelyn and Rushelle? ✌🏼️😍 So who wants to visit Mt. Maynoba in Tanay, Rizal? Drum rolls…. GLENN DEVILLA is the name babies.

060616 Giorgina - Tour Guide 2

060616 Giorgina - Tour Guide 3

Photo Credit: Anna Quimpo, Alex Agustin and April Casida