Usually, children’s birthday parties are filled with Disney princesses and superheroes. But a party planner based in Ohio, USA known as Perfect Parties, adds a dash of sophistication to their kids birthday party package. Decked in pink and fairy lights, Perfect Parties sets up a cluster of tipi tents right at the home of the birthday celebrant. Their tipi tents usually come in a group of 7-8. Inside the tents, you’ll find a thick blanket with a comfy pillow. In the center of the rows of tipis would be furry carpets as a lobbying zone for kids to come together and share stories. Once nighttime comes, the fairy lights surrounding the tipis are lit up giving the room a cozier feel. It’s the perfect set-up for young girls to really enjoy each others company without resorting to the typical smart-phone Internet browsing. Check out the full tipi set-up: