It’s inevitable for every young woman to want to have her own space when she reaches her 20s. Which is why Ortigas & Co not only created the perfect condominium for those who want full-fledged independence, they created a space catered specifically to millennials and yuppies. Designed by Space Encounters and Heima, their model units are a pastel dream. Playing with shades of blush pink, powder blue and mellow neon green, each corner is an Instagram-worthy paradise.

But aside from the aesthetically pleasing surrounding, they’ve anted up the creative experience by having a craft room within the condominium building. A media room is also available where movie marathons can be held, and a work room for a serious meetings. Their units come in three bedrooms that is 103 sqm, two bedrooms and a one bedroom space 44 sqm.

Check out the photos to get a glimpse of the pastel dreamland: