Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I was Anna Wintour, I’d have no fashion problems?” Seems like you don’t even have to be the part to get fashion perks, you just have to dress it. A woman decided to dress up as Anna Wintour for Halloween embodying Anna’s body language, accent and even “famous lines”. “Anna” begins in a corner of a street walking her way through a pedestrian lane while “criticizing” the people that passed by. Even a huddle of paparazzi swarmed around the woman and took photos of her.

The woman, who is part of M2M.com, attempted to get in a fashion show without an invite. She managed to pass through a few bodyguards by silently inching her way in despite their asking for her invite. Until one final bodyguard was very persistent of “Anna’s” invite following her until the entrance of the tent. Fortunately, a group of organizers were fooled that they had the real “Anna” on their hands, eventually scooting her in the show. Only once inside did some of the people noticed that there was something “off” about her, realizing it wasn’t Anna Wintour after all. But hey a fur jacket, Anna Wintour haircut, some killer sunnies and an on-point Anna Wintour body language seems to be enough nowadays to get in a fashion show in Paris.

Watch the full video below to see how they get away with it: