When Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner during the Miss Universe 2015 competition, the issue became a worldwide sensation. But not it looks like Steve has passed the crown to Warren Beatty, as he accidentally announces the wrong winner for Best Picture at this year’s 2017 Oscar’s. Warren announced La La Land as Best Pictures, from which the director and crew of the musical film got up on stage and was handed the Oscar. Unfortunately, Beatty later clarified that he had announced the wrong winner, wherein the winner sheet was shown to the audience. Beatty later explains that upon opening the envelope he saw Emma Stone’s name with La La Land written under it, causing the confusion.

However, the rightful winner, Moonlight was later called up on stage for winning the Best Picture award to which the crowd was then in chaos. Beatty and co-announce Faye Dunway however, sincerely apologized for the honest mistake clarifying his good intentions by saying, “This was not a joke”. To which host Jimmy Kimmel tries to amend by kidding, “I knew I would screw up the Oscars this year”. La La Land however has raked in multiple awards for the 89th Oscars including Best Actress, Best Original Score and Best Music.

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