We Love Captain America And His Bulging Muscles

Marvel Fans had the best weekend ever with the release of Captain America: Civil War. Cinemas were fully booked last Friday for a special advance screening that set a record breaking $7.5 million on it’s premiere. Aside from all action-packed and fast-paced scenes, women of the world gave a noticeable appreciation to a certain helicopter scene that highlights Captain’s infamous biceps.

It started with Bucky Barnes in his winter soldier state trying to escape using a helicopter. He manages to fly off, on cue a pacing Captain America followed him and jump as an entitled superhero he is and starts pulling the which-must-weigh-a-ton-helicopter much to Barnes’ dismay. Narrating this awesome scene is boring, let screenshots take you back on this epic biceps moment.

050416 Giorgina - Cap America 1

050416 Giorgina - Cap America 2

050416 Giorgina - Cap America 3


050416 Giorgina - Cap America 4

Look at that flex.

050416 Giorgina - Cap America 5

050416 Giorgina - Cap America 6


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Video from: www.facebook.com/Musical.lyxVideos