As presumptive Presidential candidate Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte prepares to take his seat as the head of the nation, pressure and expectations surround the Duterte clan. But a different kind of attention is given to the presumptive President’s son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte. Since his appearance in the election campaign, his charming looks and down-to-earth personality has driven ladies (and gents) to admire the young lad.

Beyond the impressive bod and boy-next-door persona, his fans adore the easygoing personality of Baste. He isn’t one to spend numerous hours on the golf course or be found in high-end restaurants to grab a snack, and that is exactly why the public loves him. While it actually won’t be impossible that in the span of his father’s term, he would do such activities, Baste clearly knows and appreciates his roots. His love for Davao stretches beyond it being his home, the fact that beaches are plotted in the province gives Baste a chance to do what he loves most, surfing. No surprise that the beach hopper has buffed up from his surfing escapades. He’s also practiced Mixed Martial Arts as a past-time when it’s not surf season. Aside from surfing the shores, Baste like anyone else also loves to surf the net. And while he’s repeatedly announced that he does not have a twitter account, he isn’t limited to the social media fun.

The given charismatic physical traits have fans gushing too, his tattoos for example have been an interesting topic for followers (take a look at their sibling tattoos). Many adore how real and open he is about himself, even when it comes to his vices, which he reminds people who look up to him not to imitate. Others compare him to Jon Snow of Game Of Thrones as Baste used to have long locks too.

While he hasn’t been prepped for political undertakings which he has admitted in interviews, he has certainly grabbed the hearts and attention of the public. Because of his charisma and no-holds-bar personality, it’s no wonder that what is now a public figure, is someone many can relate to.

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Photo Credit: Sebastian Duterte Facebook Fan Page